We are a Team in Maldives Who Help You to make your home a home

Epic shelter is a product of LUXE INVESTMENT PVT LIMITED Founded with a passionate spirit & drive to provide affordable luxury services & products and enhance the lifestyle of Maldivians- our main goal is to make luxury affordable for everyone. Be it Travel, lifestyle or Home remodeling.

Undoubtedly It is a Dream of every Maldivian to turn their house into a luxury living space.

Few, however, have the accessible funds to cover the cost of renovations.

That’s where we come in. We’ll cover the upfront capital for the property makeover.

Since Epic shelter is One-Stop Solution. Instead of you chasing multiple trade’s people around and becoming your own Contractor, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind and convenience that comes from having one company handle

your entire project. We can do ANYTHING—from simple projects like kitchens, bathrooms, and home additions. We handle EVERYTHING for you every step of the way.

Our Core Values


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The home that you always wanted is the home you deserve. EPIC SHLETER helps you realize that dream with interior design that’s beautiful, reliable, and created just for you.
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